Are you tired of the in-depth and challenging gameplay on most of the current titles on the Google Play Store? Looking for a completely new and refreshing game that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere? Prefer the more casual playstyle rather than being forced to be present in the game all the time? Then you’ve found yourself in the right place with Run Race 3D.

Good Job Games
48 MB
MOD Features

In this awesome platformer game from Good Job Games, you’re free to experience simple yet addictive gameplay where you’ll join your interesting characters in his/her to tackle incredible platform levels. And to add more fun to the game, you’ll also be racing against time and other gamers to be the first to arrive at the finish line. Anyone who finishes last in each round will be eliminated.

Jump, dash, slide, and run your way through multiple obstacles as you aim for the finish lines. Feel free to execute interesting parkour moves with your characters as you earn your victories against other gamers in competitive and rewarding matchups.

Make uses of plenty of available customizations on your characters to alter his expressions, perform interesting dances as you win the levels, or participate in epic platform runner challenges in amazing costumes.