Find yourself relatively bored with the complex and demanding games on your mobile devices? Looking for a rather simple yet interesting gameplay to enjoy? Well, then Tap Tap Dash is certainly a great game for you.

Cheetah Games
16.5 MB
MOD Features
The game has been modified into a large number of props, full characters, escape mode, get a lot of life!

With simple gameplay that revolves only around the tap and jump mechanics, you can easily get used to the in-game challenges in no time. But don’t think of it as easy since the game will introduce more and more challenging levels as you progress. And thus, allowing it to remain interesting no matter how you’ve played the game.

Pick up hundreds of challenging levels in the game as you find your way through a variety of different challenges. Time your taps properly to successfully complete the levels and make your way to the next challenges whenever you’re ready. Plenty of new levels and character customizations will be available for you to enjoy.

It’s quite simple, just tap on the screen to change the direction that you’re moving and to jump over the cliffs. Make sure you time your taps perfectly to collect all the available gems on the ground and avoid being fallen off the paths.