Discover the unique and exciting gameplay in Vector where you’ll join your character in his epic escape. Enjoy the parkour-style platformer in your mobile devices as you guide your character through multiple obstacles and take on multiple challenges.

4.0 and up
91.5 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Run and run until you can escape those henchmen that’re chasing you. Make uses of the terrains to make epic escapes by throwing yourself off the windows, slide under obstacles, execute incredible jumps through multiple obstacles, and land perfectly on the ground.

With this, people are all forced to work inside large corporations where they’ll have to follow the complete orders of their superiors. Working as the mindless and heartless robots is what they’ll have to do for eternity. Controlled by the universal devices that are placed on every person on the planet to suppress their thoughts, people can never have any thoughts about escaping.

However, there are still individuals who resist these oppressions and refuse to live such a boring and hopeless life. And with all those oppressors, things must come to its end when one of the employees refused to obey and has been able to take off the control device. But now, he is under the hunt by all the mercenaries who’re working for the corporation.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: