Find yourself in for another great RPG adventure in Zenonia 4 as you dive into the rich and addictive aspects of the game. Find yourself embarking on a whole new journey with our new heroes. Battling with the incredible monsters and giant bosses. Pick up awesome weapons and help yourself winning your battles with the evil using your unique powers and abilities.

2.1 and up
39.9 MB
MOD Features
Please give all permissions to lock two currencies for 25252525

Follow the footsteps of our heroes, you’ll find yourself discovering the hidden secrets behind all the chaos that happened lately in the realm. Find out who are actually plotting all the evil incidents and put a stop to them immediately before the lands descend to chaos.

That being said, the game begins with you seeing Regret who’re being caught in his own dream that keeps on happening for days now. Here in the dream, he finds himself being a hero who fights the evils and has been lost inside a dungeon.

With himself being surrounded by the epic monsters, it’s impossible for you to get out of the situation. But surprise to your knowledge, your “dream” self is pretty good at fighting and has taken down most of the monsters.