Fans of the famous cartoon series Adventure Time will find themselves in for another great adventure with Jake, Finn, and their friends. But this time, instead of fighting the monsters and other enemies, you’ll have the chances to dive into the exciting card battles that were featured in the series, the exciting Card Wars Kingdom.

Cartoon Network
27.9 MB + 282.6 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Pick your favorite characters in the show, build your own deck by collecting powerful cards, start challenging other opponents as you rose to win against them in varied in-game challenges. Explore the addictive card game with in-depth gameplay.

That being said, you can find yourself playing as various characters from the series like Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and so on. Challenge your opponents in epic card battles in the PvP Arena, the dark Dungeons, the Treasure Cave, and so on. Enjoyable gameplay and rewarding prizes await.

It all starts from a single episode in Adventure Time where Jake and Finn are seen playing an unique Card game, which is later known as the Card Wars. With completely new rules and the unique monsters from the series, Card Wars Kingdom introduces Android gamers to a refreshing and enjoyable card game that they can all enjoy. And for the fans of the famous cartoon series, the game will be another great title to pick up if you want to learn more about Adventure Time.