Find yourself completely hooked to this simple yet extremely addictive and enjoyable puzzle gameplay of Best Fiends. Explore the strange world of Best Fiends where you’ll be able to join the group of unlikely heroes in their epic journeys to defeat the slugs. Dive into awesome puzzle-solving challenges as you match the same-colored gems to unleash series of awesome attacks.

Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
117 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Gold and Energy

Join our heroes as they take on thousands of epic and fun puzzle levels that will take you through Mount Boom. Discover the secrets behind the mountain with interesting stories while allowing your characters to complete unique and exhilarating quests. Discover the power of Best Fiends and protect the lands from the invading enemies.

However, everything started to change after a mysterious meteor stroke Mount Boom, their sacred home. And from the ashes, thousands of nasty monsters starting to appear from the slug nearby. It appears that there was some sort of mysterious energies coming off the meteor. And they’re responsible for these nasty monsters.

Nonetheless, your initial quest right now is to put a stop to enemies’ advances and drive these pests out of your lands. Be careful as the nasty monsters will corrupt and slime everything that they touch, turning them into other mindless monsters.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: