Are you interested in taking a good look at the army life from the most comprehensive point of view? Looking for an interesting way to enjoy your military experiences? Expecting to get yourself totally immersed in the world of epic and enjoyable army experiences? And at the same time, enjoy playing a relatively refreshing and exciting game on your mobile devices?

Neon Play
53.6 MB
MOD Features
– Endless stars
– Money increases when shopping

Then Idle Army Base, with its innovative casual and simulation gameplay, would certainly allow Android gamers to have lots of fun exploring the unique in-game elements. Find yourself completely hooked to the exciting features and gameplay. Explore the entire army base like never before with this awesome game from Neon Play as you guide your troops through a variety of interesting activities.

And with each finished activity from any troop, you’ll earn a certain amount of coin for the camp. Use these to invest back into the facilities so that you can attract even more volunteers to your camp. Have as many troops in the camp as possible and grow it to be a powerful and prosperous military base. Take on exciting in-game challenges and missions as you progress through the gameplay. And enjoy yourself with a variety of enjoyable in-game experiences.

That’s said, Idle Army Base offers you the unique and refreshing idle gaming experiences, in which, you’ll be running your own military base. This is completely different from any other previous titles in the genre. Hence, you should definitely be in for many new pleasant surprises.