Dive into this amazing mobile game of Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari as you leap along the animal stampede using nothing but your rope. Jump between different animals who’re on a run and cleverly dodge the different obstacles on the road.

Yodo1 Games
4.4 and up
36 MB + 127 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Find yourself traveling on a variety of different animals’ backs, be it a deer, a giraffe, a bear, or even a tiger. Feel free to hop on their backs as you got yourself many new animal friends. Choose between a variety of interesting animals and create your own floating zoo.

The game is essentially a free-running casual game on your mobile where you’ll be introduced to these endless stampedes. Choose between different animals as you hop on them and ride forth. Be careful for the obstacles that are in front of you and ride with skills to stay away from those. The further you reach, the more difficult the obstacles would be.

In addition, your mounts will soon become tired after a certain amount of time, so it’s necessary to find yourself a new mount or you’ll end up falling on the ground being flattened by the stampedes. Use your whip and find yourself a new mount by through your rope toward them and leap forward. Pay attention to this since if you fail to land on your mount, you’ll also be flattened.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: