Find yourself enjoying the interesting gameplay in Smurf’s Village as you join the group of interesting characters in their own adventures. Experience the awesome city builder gameplay in Smurfs’ Village as you build up your own epic settlement for the Smurf people.

PopReach Incorporated
31.8 MB + 560.2 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Help the Smurfs create their own peaceful and prosperous village where they would have fun and live a happy life. And at the same time, assist and protect them from the nasty Gargamel and his cat sidekick. Protect the Smurfs from his evil schemes and ready to take out any enemies that look to harm their friends.

Build up a new village for the remaining Smurfs as you start to gather new Smurfs back to the village. Feel free to construct a variety of different buildings, each with its own features and looks. Design and plan the development of the village with many available options.

And at the same time, try your best to protect the Smurfs from the evil Gargamel and his cunning cat companion. Protect the villages from these saboteurs and complete certain quests to unlock the lost Smurfs. Have them work on your fields, the mushroom houses, build new huts, gather foods, collect resources, and so on. Enjoy this small and amazing village right on your mobile devices.