Are you interested in the epic fights between giant robots? Would love to explore the fun and awesome battles where you can freely attack your opponents without worrying about the consequences? Or perform incredible fighting moves with incredible precisions and unbelievable powers with your robots? Then you would certainly find this awesome fighting game from Reliance Big Entertainment.

Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
67.95 MB
MOD Features
Infinite physical strength

Pick up your favorite robots in the game, each having its own unique fighting styles and abilities. Train and level them up through a series of epic battles between the giants. Feel free to launch all your most devastating attacks to the opponents as none of you would feel pain. The only focus is to win the matches.

And as people have grown bored of the traditional boxing matches with rules and regulations that make the fights a lot less enjoyable, they all demand a more direct and brutal way of fighting. Thus, Robot Boxing was introduced to the world as the ultimate way of entertaining the audiences.

Here, people can finally enjoy the epic and exciting matchups with the mighty robots. Explore the brutal and direct ways of fighting as you experience the epic clashes, metals vs metals. Feel free to give it all that you’ve got to defeat your opponents in awesome robot boxing battles.