For those of you who’re interested in having a simple yet enjoyable mobile gaming experience on their mobile devices, Happy Glass and its creative gameplay will certainly interest you. That being said, the game offers exciting in-game features with simple and approachable mechanics which allow all gamers to enjoy their favorite gameplay.

Lion Studios
50 MB
MOD Features
– Free Shopping
– All Water Purchased.
– All Face Purchased.
– All Pencil Purchased.
– Remove Ads.

In addition, with the casual and accessible gameplay, gamers in Happy Glass will also find themselves enjoying the brilliant in-game mechanics with addictive and exhilarated experiences. Feel free to try out multiple ways of drawing your lines as you help to fill the sad cup with water and put a smile on his face. Explore many interesting options in the creative puzzle levels and have fun.

Using the powerful pen, you can draw whatever you want on the screen and that drawings will turn into actual shapes. And depending on the level setups, your created shapes might help guiding the water into the glass, or not. Feel free to take on hundreds of exciting levels in the game with various setups and unique experiences.

Make sure that you’re careful with each of your lines as you’ll also be using inks to draw them. Run out of ink without completing the lines would mean that you have already lost the levels. In addition, with limited ink, it’s important to use them as effectively as possible to finish the levels with the best results. Complete the challenge and earn your three-star ratings by conserving your inks.

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer: