For those of you who’re interested in saving the world but can’t put in the time and effort, you can still enjoy yourself in this simple yet extremely addictive game from Gismart. Explore and experience the unique elements along with the classic features in this new idle clicker gameplay on your mobile devices. Have fun with the absolute in-game experiences as you pick up this awesome idle clicker title.

35 MB
MOD Features
– Much Money
– Endless Diamonds

Enjoy the casual and undemanding gameplay, in which you can have fun whenever you’re ready. Dive into the unique in-game experiences with the exciting port simulation gameplay. Have fun exploring the awesome management features as you quickly build up your ports. Make money and start constructing your coastline defenses on multiple ports as you prepare for the upcoming attacks from the nasty aliens.

The time is one year prior to the sudden assault by the nasty aliens. You must now build up your bases, gather the important resources, and have all the available ports on the coastline defended with multiple military constructions. Be quick, since you only have a few moments before the enemies start attacking and humanity crumble.

Pick up your exciting port builder gameplay with the unique idle clicker elements as you find yourself exploring the exciting in-game experiences from Idle Port Tycoon. Tap, tap, and tap as you quickly generate money from your transported containers. Make multiple upgrades to expand your ports and earn lots of money. Become the absolute tycoon in the game and have your coastline defenses ready for the upcoming attacks. History will not happen again, now that you’re able to construct your powerful ports.