[CAUTION] This game needs YOUR SONGS on your device! [CAUTION]
PC version: https://store.steampowered.com/app/893030/Music_Racer/

Music Racer is a music compatible racing game where you can use your own music to race! The shape, speed and mode of each race are determined by the song you choose.

Rush along the fantasy track in your car or fly along the space tunnel to the sounds of your favorite music. Gather beats, catch the rhythm. Get ready for a breathtaking race along the unique tracks of this Android game. Listen to your favorite music on your device. Each music track you select will influence the time of a round, length of a track and movement speed. Listen to the beats of music and maneuver in order to pick up beats flying by. Try yourself on different tracks and surf the audio!

Listen to your favorite songs while playing games and collect diamonds to catch the beat!

– Different levels 
– Many vehicles to choose from
– Vehicle customization, color your car or rims!
– Great visual effects, one of the best graphics on Android
– Retrowave, vaporware, hi-fi, neon, cybernetic and geometry designed environments
– YouTube support
– Different game modes: classic, zen, hard and cinematic

The game may use music files on your device. We do not take responsibility for any copyright issues.

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  • Much money;
  • All cars and worlds are open.