Are you bored of the same old Android titles that force you to sit on your chair or lay on the bed for hours? Looking for a healthier way of entertaining yourself instead of destroying your fitness by doing nothing for a long period of time? Then you would certainly find yourself pleased with this awesome new game from Ubisoft Entertainment.

Ubisoft Entertainment
73.4 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Enjoy endless gameplay of exciting dances, in which you can fully immerse yourself in the awesome movements. Dance to your heart content with your favorite songs in the game. Learn simple yet extremely fun dances that you can all practice and master. For the first time, feel the beat and dance to the music, instead of using the control button to indicate the beats.

With the smartphone on your hands, you can easily connect the game to any internet-connected device around your houses. Stream the images on to the larger screen and you can start enjoying your dance-off movements in the game. Follow the instructed dances and the sensors on your phones will track and calculate your moves.

Unlock special and exciting dances with the game and earn yourself some amazing experiences with Just Dance Now. Unleash your inner dancer as you follow the beats and enjoy every dancing moment in the game. Discover the special gameplay in Just Dance Now that have moved the entire world to the beat. Join your friends and other online gamers as you all enjoy your ultimate dancing experiences.