Ready for some Halloween fun? Looking for a great horror title to enjoy on your mobile devices? Well, you can find yourself experiencing the thrilling and exhilarating gameplay in the following sequel of the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s. Enjoy yet another great adventure as you take on the devious dolls and unveil the secrets in the Pizzeria.

Clickteam USA LLC
2.3 and up
131.5 MB
MOD Features

Guide your characters through a series of abnormal events that are caused by the demonic dolls in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza as you play as a night guard in the place. Always stay alert and act quickly to make sure that you can stay up and alive in the morning.

Moreover, with the old animatronics are being joined with more advanced ones, the nights in the Pizzeria will get even more exciting, for the cast of course. These friendly-looking dolls that come with new facial recognition technology and a complete criminal database will surely provide extra protection as well as entertainment, right?

Your job would be to monitoring the camera systems in the Pizzeria to make sure that nothing could go wrong during your guards. Pay attention to both the room cameras and air vent cameras as well as your surrounding so you’re completely aware. Be quick to react to any sudden camera failures, suspicious movements on the air vents, and keep on shining the flashlights on the entrance to make sure you’re not caught off guard.