Find yourself explore the world of mysteries in Krystopia where you’re free to take on the endless puzzle challenges while enjoying the majestic setups in the game. Discover the unique adventure of a space explorer in this strange land. It’ll make you wonder what could have happened to the place and its people. How could a wonderful civilization have vanished and the only thing that’s is left this amazing ruin?

Antler Interactive
7.1 and up
119.7 MB
MOD Features

For those of you who’re interested in enjoying challenging puzzle levels, brilliant in-game quests, and a beautiful world to explore and enjoy. Find yourself caught in the captivating stories as you learn more about this strange world. What seems to be a few minutes scout could eventually turn in to hours of gameplay in Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey.

So, she decided to investigate the planet, which its civilizations have all vanished. Here, Nova finds herself stunned by the beauty of the planets as its remaining ruins. And in a rare moment when she lost her guard, Nova was caught inside what seems to be an escape room that was still left on the planet.

At first, it might not seem so much of a challenge, but as she try to look for a way out, she find that the entire compound was a giant maze with incredible setups and plenty of puzzle challenges that you just can’t ignore.