Are you ready to become a hero, spy, and legend? Solve puzzling challenges, show off your deadly accuracy and take aim at the enemies. Come experience the shooting phenomenon.

Use your brain in this unique puzzle game. You will need precise aim and laser focus to take down enemies, ninjas, and many other bad guys you will encounter in the world! Travel to new lands, save hostages, and use unique weapons like grenade launchers to combat your foes. Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you do it in one shot?

Get ready for your absolute shooting fun in this amazing title from Lion Studios as you find yourself fully immersed in the awesome gameplay of Mr Bullet. Become a spy, a hero, and a legendary fighter as you take on multiple in-game levels, each featuring its own unique setups and elements. Fight your enemies as you take them down with your amazing tactical shooting skills.

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles MOD APK Downloads

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles APK MOD v.4.8-[APKPARK.CO].apk [34M]

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles MOD, Unlocked APK IDENTITY

Lion Studios
38 MB
MOD Features
– A Lot Of Cash
– A Lot Of Ticket
– A Lot Of Star

That’s said, the unique and refreshing shooter gameplay in Mr Bullet introduces Android gamers to a much more interesting way of approaching the challenges. Here, you can enjoy multiple levels with unique setups that would allow you to exploit different aspects and elements. Takedown your enemies in unthinkable ways instead of just taking them down with your guns like other generic shooters.

That’s said, the game features multiple missions, each with its own unique setups and designs. And in these missions, you’ll only be given a certain number of bullets that, if being wasted, will result in your loss. Hence, you might want to consider each shot properly to make sure that you can defeat all the enemies before your luck runs out.

Adjust the situations, set the priority order for each objective, come up with a good plan to defeat your enemies based on the amount of objectives that you need to get and the surrounding objects. The game features multiple items around you that can be easily used to your own advantages. Here, you can shoot the barrel to crush the enemies, make uses of the bounced bullets, and blow up explosives to effectively wipe out your enemies.