Are you looking for a simple yet addictive casual game to enjoy on your mobile devices during your free time? Care for a great adventure with Snoopy and his adorable friends? Well, you’re in the right place as Snoopy has returned with this latest game from Jam City. Discover the classic and exciting bubble shooter gameplay as you join your favorite Snoopy characters in their great adventures.

Jam City, Inc.
99.95 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Life

Discover the addictive bubble shooting challenges through a variety of different levels, complete the game and explore new stories as you go. With the help of Snoopy and his friends, you’ll rescue Woodstock and his flock from being imprisoned inside the floating bubbles.

Discover hundreds of bubble shooting levels you enjoy the more and more challenging gameplay in Snoopy Pop. Find yourself in various challenges in the game as you take on epic puzzles that are extremely difficult yet rewarding.

Find yourself joining other characters in Snoopy Pop for your ultimate adventures in this awesome casual game. With the assist from reliable and adorable friends like Charlie Brown and Linus, you can easily overcome the challenges and rescue the poor birds.