Already bored of the normal games for your Android devices? Looking for a unique genre that offers refreshing gameplay? Then you might find The Room: Old Sins quite interesting as you dive into the thrilling and creepy gameplay.

Fireproof Games
50 MB + 577.6 MB
MOD Features
Paid for free

Enjoy yourself in the fourth installment of the famous thriller and puzzle game series, The Room. Explore the mysteries as you look for pieces of evidence from the separated clues that are scattered in the room. Solve the puzzles by putting the pieces together, and unveil the hidden secrets in the game.

Follow the available evidences as you find yourself in the creepy manor of the Waldegrave family. Discover the clues and trails that would lead you to the attic, where you’ll discover an old strange doll that could responsible for their disappearances.

It’s your job to investigate the manor and look for all available evidences. Make uses of the guides and your analyses to come up with the suitable conclusions. Find out who is the real culprit in the mind-blowing and twisting events in The Room Old Sins.

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves completely caught in the thrilling and satisfying gameplay in The Room Old Sins. Discover the complex dollhouse as you follow the important clues that are left behind. Investigate multiple places and look for decisive evidences. Put the pieces together and solve the entire puzzle. Enjoy new stories and adventures with our heroes.