Are you bored of the average racing game with the same old setups and overly exaggerated in-game features? Looking for a more liberated and realistic experience with your car? Enjoy the casual and relaxing driving gameplay? Then you’ll definitely find Dr. Driving quite interesting.

SUD Inc.
11.1 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money/Unlocked

That being said, in this awesome and authentic driving game, players will find themselves enjoying a much more casual and realistic style of driving. Enjoy the game from a driver’s perspective, not a racer or criminal. Here, you’ll find yourself in the actual streets with regular traffics and laws that need to be followed.

And most importantly, you’ll have the chances to take on multiple driving challenges with interesting game modes throughout your journey in Dr. Driving. Pick up the limited fuel challenge as you learn how to operate the car more efficiently. Or perform interesting VIP escort as you learn to be a careful driver. For those who’re interested in speed driving, you can also pick up the highway challenges, and more. The in-depth gameplay will surely satisfy Android gamers to the fullest.

In addition, with Dr. Driving gamers will find themselves being introduced to the authentic and accurate driving experiences with the in-depth driving mechanics. Feel free to get inside the cockpit and access plenty of control options such as the brake, gas pedal, gear shift, wheel, and even the fuel gauge. You’ll find yourself actually driving your own car in this epic driving simulator.