Getting bored with your standard and boring gameplay of motorcycle racing? Enjoy your special rides in Traffic Rider? Looking for a great title with the extreme challenges that would allow you to reach the absolute speed and insanity? Well, I think that we’ve found ourselves a winner with this awesome mobile game from Battery Acid Games. Dive into the awesome racing gameplay of Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer as you go for that absolute speeds on the crowded highways.

Battery Acid Games, Inc.
125.7 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Hop on your favorite rides and take on a series of exciting in-game challenges. Tackle the most incredible achievements as you finish your rides with the most number of injuries. Always go for the extreme speed whenever you’re in the game and feel free to explore the epic highways as you dive into the game. Have fun with multiple vehicles and playable characters, each having their own traits and unique interactions.

Have fun as you guide your character through a variety of interesting challenges in the game. Take on multiple highways with crowded and realistic traffics. Enjoy the realistic and accurate physics as you fully immerse in your own in-game experiences.

And most importantly, there is no slow-down option in the game. So you’ll just have to speed up and make incredible close-calls with your bikes while going for the ultimate scores in the game. Have fun as you take on the epic games with friends and other riders as all go for the absolute scores. And at the same time, experience the incredible crashes with multiple injuries while keeping your spirit high.