For those who’re interested in hill racing gameplay, MMX Hill Dash is definitely one of the best games that are currently available for your Android devices. That being said, you can have the game right on your mobile devices and enjoy epic hill climbing experiences.

Hutch Games
72 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Choose between different types of vehicles, each features its own unique traits and interesting designs. Get the right vehicle for the right job as you pick up a series of interesting challenges in your MMX Hill Dash career.

In addition, with plenty of available vehicles and useful upgrade options, you’re free to make multiple changes on your cars and trucks. Customize their stats and upgrade your vehicles to make them more capable in certain driving challenges. Feel free to put on all kinds of decorations with new paints and new graphics as you go.

To start with, you’ll find yourself getting familiar with the gameplay relatively quick thanks to the intuitive side-scrolling mechanics and simple touch controls. That being said, just need to hit the gas pedal to increase your speed and break when you have to. There is no need to adjust your directions or whatsoever. Just focus on enjoying the epic tracks, awesome stunts, and drive on your favorite rides through many interesting in-game challenges.