The Angry Birds are back, and this time, they’ll be in for a completely new adventure, into the lands of the Piggy Islands. Discover unique and epic team battles as you lead your awesome rosters into enjoyable and exhilarating fights with the naughty pigs.

Role Playing
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
4.4 and up
39.9 MB + 100.1 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Build your ultimate team of mighty bird heroes as you help your favorite Angry Birds in their journey to discover Piggy Islands and retrieve the stolen egg. Make uses of their unique powers as you take down the annoying pigs through exciting battles.

Despite their defeat in numerous games before like Angry Birds Classic or Angry Birds Evolution, the evil pigs haven’t given up on their evil goal of taking all the eggs from our Angry Birds for themselves. And this time King Leonard of the Piggy Island has once again ordered his subordinates to plan another scheme to steal the eggs for themselves.

The game begins with Red and Chuck are guarding their precious eggs, then suddenly the evil green pigs assaulted them and stolen the eggs as well as captured Chuck with them. You’ll start your journey by discovering the Piggy Island, dive into the unique turn-based battles, strengthen your characters and make your way to the next levels.