Experience yet another awesome adventure with the amazing birds in the world-famous franchise, Angry Birds. This time, the pigs are after the precious eggs once again and that can’t be forgiven. With the powers of the awesome birds, players will help them in their journey to retrieve their eggs.

Role Playing
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
5.0 and up
49.1 MB + 332.8 MB
MOD Features
High Damage – Invicible

Participate in this pinball shooting game where you’ll have the chances to enjoy a totally refreshing angry birds game with stunning 3D graphics. Find yourself taking on the greedy pigs in a whole new battlefield.

Knowing this, our former heroes have gathered and prepared themselves for another quest. Time to show these greedy pigs a real lesson to not stealing others’ eggs. Challenge them in epic turn-based battles as you unleash powerful bird shots toward them and create maximum damages while bouncing around the field.

Discover the secrets behind their sudden attacks. Learn more about the Bacon Corp and the ones who’re backing up the greedy pigs. Pick up the suitable tactics and approaches, then use them to overwhelm these annoying pigs. Your unique and capable birds will be a great help in your adventures.

Find yourself experiencing an entire new storyline in Angry Birds Evolution with new characters and exciting events. This time, your journey will take you through some amazing events with the mysterious Bacon Corp and the ones behind them.