Find yourself in for an epic adventure into the mysterious lands of blocks and monsters where you’ll have the chance to explore and get involved in all kinds of interesting adventures. Encounter nasty monsters, interesting characters, and enjoy the interesting stories that revolve you, the hero.

Role Playing
71.5 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Gems

Feel free to make multiple changes to the world using your editing powers, fight against nasty monsters with your epic enemies, pick up powerful and incredible weapons, and more. Roam the massive lands and unlock multiple in-game resources, make uses of the interesting crafting feature to create everything with only your mind.

Explore the vast environments and landscapes filled with interesting and exotic creatures. Defeat them to train your heroes as well as collecting awesome loots from your dead enemies. Discover the surround areas for collectible resources and store them in your inventory.

Make uses of the crafting and building options to create all kinds of interesting objects in Block Story Premium. Choose between hundreds of different options as you create your powerful weapons to battle the enemies, build up your strongholds to defend from nasty monsters, and craft the awesome artifacts that hold awesome magical powers.