For those of you who’re interested, this new Role Playing mobile title from Archosaur Games will guarantee your absolute joy while exploring its incredible action elements. Find yourself discovering and exploring the awesome in-game actions in realistic and immersive 3D visuals. Have fun embarking on the in-depth and addictive role-playing adventures with some of the most beautiful characters on your mobile devices.

Role Playing
Archosaur Games
66 MB +
MOD Features

Explore the massive world Dragon Raja and enjoy action gameplay at its best while enjoying epic dragon-slaying gameplay. Have fun with friends and gamers from all over the world with this awesome mobile title. Be whoever you want in this majestic online world and interact with interesting gamers as you engage in a variety of different in-game activities.

However, with the Dragon Lord is expected to come back to life in the near future, humanity will need the help of the superheroes once again. Join the group of Hybrids – the powerful and gifted human beings with incredible powers, as they make uses of their amazing powers to defeat their nasty enemies, and ultimately, the powerful Dragon Lord itself.

Join millions of online gamers worldwide in this exciting global challenges in which you can dive into awesome and exciting PvP battles. Enjoy stunning graphics that are unmatched by any existing mobile titles thanks to the powerful Unreal Engine 4.