Fans of the classic RPG-styled gameplay and exciting hack ‘n’ slash battles will definitely enjoy themselves in this latest game from Making Fun Inc. Dive into the endless dungeon battles, take on the epic monsters and demons, finish them off with your powerful spells and attacks, explore the massive environments, collect incredible loots, and strive to be the best in Eternium.

Role Playing
Making Fun, Inc.
99.8 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Gold

With an in-depth gameplay and multiple features to enjoy, gamers in Eternium will find themselves having a lot of fun with this RPG title on their mobile devices. Feel free to dive into the endless monster-slaying challenges, puzzle-solving quests, and amazing online challenges with friends and online gamers from all over the world.

You were foretold by a mysterious oracle that you’ll become a great warrior in the future. Your sword can bring down any enemies, your plans will outsmart the demons’ schemes, and your words will tame the mighty dragons to your aid. But at what cost and to what extend? The answers are still not very clear. You’ll have to discover your own fate in the game and take on the endless challenges by slaying demons, saving the people, and unveil the secrets of this world.

Dive into the endless RPG gameplay where you’ll take on endless quests from plenty of different levels and arcs throughout the game. Win against your enemies as you slowly unlock your potentials and earn new powers. Complete multiple quests and missions as you travel the vast lands and seas in Eternium. Discover its secrets at the end of the world.

Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer: