Explore the breathtaking fantasy world in Evertale as you find yourself in your epic adventures with the incredible monsters. Discover the lands of Erden where you’re introduced to busy cities, stunning landscapes, epic dungeons, and mysterious locations. Join our heroes in their journeys to discover the power of the fantasy creatures in Evertale and confront the evil forces to save the world.

Role Playing
ZigZaGame Inc.
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Immerse yourself in exciting battles with your powerful monsters and heroes. Form your own capable roosters with capable individuals and have them assist you in your epic fights against Pandemonium. Travel the massive world, explore multiple locations, take on multiple missions, and experience the captivating stories throughout your adventures in Evertale.

Still, there are also those who wish to become friends with these creatures and use their unique abilities for good causes instead of fighting each other. That being said, gamers in Evertale will join the journey of a group of heroes as you help them fight against the evil forces of Pandemonium. Explore the different realms of Evertale, collect new members to your squads, capture and train your monsters, power them up and take on the epic fights.

Dive into endless offline challenges and join online gamers from all over the world in the epic multiplayer challenges. Compete in the top leagues and form your guilds to experience more interesting gameplay.