For the hardcore fans of the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you can find yourself enjoying this new and exciting adventure with the group of friends as you dive into the awesome gameplay of Ninja Turtles Legends. Explore the mutant universe of TMT with some of the most amazing characters, each having their own amazing powers.

Role Playing
Ludia Inc.
95 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Dive into the exciting in-game experiences of Ninja Turtles Legends as you take on a series of epic battles with the evil enemies from the Kraang. Embark on a whole new adventure where heroes and villains in the series will join forces to defeat their common enemies. Take on the awesome battles and unlock the amazing gameplay as you progress.

You’ll start the journey with Leonardo along as his brothers and masters were also captured by the enemies. But you can’t do this alone and must find help from other mutants in the town. Start recruiting new heroes as you fight your way off the Kraang pursuits. Help others heroes and villains to escapes to start creating your ultimate roster of powerful mutants.

Take them on the ultimate fights against the enemies as you effectively take down their evil establishments. Dive into the awesome in-game battles with refreshing and exciting turn-based mechanics. Power up your heroes and villains alike as you create the ultimate team with capable members. Enjoy the awesome action and RPG gameplay as you freely discover Ninja Turtles Legends to the fullest.