Find yourself enjoying yet another great game from the Ragnarok franchise. Take your journey into the fictional Norse mythology world. Explore the massive landscape featuring tons of different contents to explore.

Role Playing
Tencent Games
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MOD Features

Choose your characters and begin your journey in this massive multiplayer online RPG game from Tencent. Take up missions and travel the beautiful lands in Ragnarok M: New Generation as you meet up with amazing online gamers from all over the world.

Your characters will come in different classes and have varied upgrade paths. You can choose one that fits you the most and takes on the different missions to collect valuable rewards. In addition, your characters will receive experiences as you progress in the game and unlock new powers.

In addition, with Ragnarok M New Generation you’ll also have the chances to meet up with amazing online gamers and make friends in the world of Ragnarok. You’ll definitely find yourself enjoying this incredible game.

Time to get yourself back with the tradition RPG gameplay where you can be free to explore the massive map, exploring its features and participating epic monster fighting activities. Experience the classic RPG features like picking up characters in different classes, leveling them up, equip them with epic gears, meet up with new gamers, and have your characters participate in exciting activities in this massive world