For the gamers who’re looking for a traditional Action-Adventure game with captivating stories and intensive actions, RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey is certainly a good candidate. That being said, let’s find out more about this amazing game from KEMCO with our comprehensive reviews.

Role Playing
4.4 and up
73.3 MB + 134.8 MB
MOD Features

Similar to RPG Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey

Being a prominent boy from the Dragon tribes and also a part of the Angle clans, Kunah – our main character always knows about the differences between the Angle and Demon ways. Instead of blaming the demons for all the chaos, he knows that his people also have the responsibilities to make the world a better place. And to do that, he must find a way for the two races to live in harmony with each other. Still, he’s just a child and isn’t capable of doing such a task.

Kunah’s adventures with his friends begin as Vanneth – the supreme god that reign above the world has bestowed upon him an important task. He must travel the lands of RPG Frane Dragons’ Odyssey and bring back a lost girl named Escude to the goodness. Thus beginning his fun and exciting journey.