Get yourself involved in the world of farming RPG gameplay as you explore the amazing in-game features in Stardew Valley. Enjoy this awarding PC game, now it has gotten a proper Android port. Create your characters and start your farming adventure right now with this amazing game from Chucklefish Limited.

Role Playing
Chucklefish Limited
4.4 and up
342.7 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Enjoy the in-depth farming and RPG gameplay where you’ll have the chances to explore the massive world that the game offers. Meet up with amazing in-game characters, each featuring their own unique traits and personalities. And who knows, you might find your true love among them.

And years later, here you are, typing unconsciously on the dreadful computer screen. You’re wondering what you’ve archived in life and why you’re feeling so empty. And then you decided that this is the right moment to open your grandfather’s envelop.

Inside, you find a letter from him that says he had bestowed his old farm upon your inheritance. And thus, he wants you to forget about the stressful life in the city and go back to his own farm for a change. Start working on the farm and connect with the amazing townsfolk in that place. You’ll find your lives slowly regaining its meaning once again. He genuinely hopes that this would help you.