Fans of the world-famous anime franchise of Sword Art Online will find themselves in for epic adventures and satisfying actions in this latest mobile game from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. Join your favorite characters in the series as you take on the forces of evil and restore peace and order to the lands. Experience the addictive mobile gameplay right on your smartphones whenever you want.

Role Playing
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
64.05 MB
MOD Features
1. MOD ON/OFF & multiplier set via config file
2. God Mode
3. Damage x1 – x100

Explore the unique world in Sword Art Online as you find yourself in the ultimate battles against fantasized enemies, experience the amazing powers and abilities on each of your characters, and dive into endless turn-based battles. And most importantly, feel free to discover new stories and events in this new game of Sword Art Online.

Here, each gamer who’ve logged in will find themselves being stuck inside these incredibly realistic worlds. There is no other way for you to escape the game and if you die in the game then you’ll also die in the real world. With the only way for you to turn the situation around is to beat the game, gamers will find themselves having a hard time picking up their new adventures.

Gamers in Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel will be playing as Kirito, the capable gamers who’ve defeated two games before and released many others who were stuck in the virtual world. Now, he has recently found himself in the much more advanced game which is known as Underworld. Here, Kirito has fallen into his enemies’ trap and was unable to leave the world.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: