Already bored by the demanding mobile games that require you to be absolutely focused on their gameplay? Are you a fan of an idler and a more relaxing way of playing mobile games? Looking for a simple yet exciting mobile title that you can just sit back and chill? Then Weed Factory Idle should definitely impress you with its unique gameplay.

Role Playing
Green Panda Games
42.3 MB
MOD Features
Money for purchases are not deducted

And more importantly, it couldn’t get more perfect with you now being able to chill with your packs of weeds in Weed Factory Idle. Plus, there is no need to worry that you’ll be running out of supplies. After all, you’re already the weed tycoon in this town. With a huge basement factory underneath, you can produce millions-worth of weeds and dominate the market in this idle simulation gameplay.

Collect insane money by doing businesses with gangs and weed dealers. Dominate the market with your power supply lines. Upgrade your facility to produce even more weeds. Doing researches so you can produce higher-quality products. Unlock new gameplay and content as you explore the awesome gameplay of Weed Factory Idle.

And most importantly, the game offers a simple and extremely relaxing gameplay, in which you’re not required to remain completely present. Just set up the business for a couple of minutes, then turn off the game. Do whatever you want before coming back to collect the money. It’s pretty much resemblance to the famous hit of Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon. But this time, you can join the badass world of weed dealers and criminals, which is a lot more intriguing.