Enjoy the thrilling and exciting shooter gameplay on your mobile devices with Dead Zed as you dive into this immersive zombie apocalypse world. Feel free to shoot down as many zombies as you want while they’re charging at you in large numbers.

Shooting games
Not Doppler
4.2 and up
202.3 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

Discover the in-depth gameplay where you must find a way to survive the zombie apocalypse. Together with the help of friends and other survivors, you’ll build up your base and make your stance against these mindless monsters.

The game begins with you, the main character, waking up at the middle of a zombie apocalypse. With little clues of how and why this had happened, but you know one thing, you must do everything within your power to try to survive this disastrous event.

It is latter said on the broadcast that you’ll have to hold up for 40 days to wait for the rescue forces. In the meantime, you’ll have to deal with waves of hungry and dangerous zombies, one after another, in this ultimate surviving challenge.