Are you ready to become the ultimate tycoon in this awesome idle clicker title, where you’ll learn how to make fortunes without having to work too hard? Experience the awesome life style of a multi billionaire in this awesome money making game of Cash Inc: Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure.

Lion Studios
78.6 MB
MOD Features
Money increase when spent!

Enjoy the awesome and addictive gameplay as you freely tap on the screen to collect money and open new businesses. Unlock a series of interesting in-game features, introduce your gamers to the incredible Cash Inc as you advance. Embark on your ultimate clicker adventures as you find your way to the top.

Collect and stack up your money to earn enough for your next stores. Find yourself advancing up inside a massive building with endless floor. In each floor, there will be certain types of business for you to unlock and invest in. You goal would be to climb un as high as possible by keep unlocking new businesses, each will generate more money for you.

Hire workers to assist you in your journey as you unlock more money-making options in the game. Or alternatively, pick up the manual clicker gameplay as you tap on your properties to generate money as you open them for businesses.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: