Be honest, there are only two types of people in this world, those who love dogs and those who don’t know how lovely these creatures are. That being said, for dog lovers and undiscovered lovers alike, this new awesome game from Tivola will be your great opportunities to get close to these adorable animals. Enjoy your direct interactions with them in the game and strengthen your love toward them.

82 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money/Unlocked

Start by having your own Dog Hotel where you would guest multiple dogs into your lovely hotel. Here, you can get to know each of your “customers” by enjoying multiple interactions with them. Take care of them every day with delicious meals, exciting treats, enjoyable games, and some lovely cuddling. The adorable animals will give you hours and hours of endless fulfillment.

The game introduces Android gamers to the in-depth and enjoyable interactions with the adorable pets that many of you would find interesting. That’s said, you can easily pet their heads, scrub their bellies, play with their tails, feed them, bath them, and so on. Each action will build up their love for you, making it easier to train them to do certain tricks.

Speaking of which, the game also allows Android gamers to immerse themselves in a variety of different activities with their favorite dogs. Train their fitness by exciting runs and chases with their friends, train their accuracy by playing Frisbee, and keep their agility up with the brilliant obstacle challenges. The in-depth gameplay will allow you to fully immersed in your dog hotel businesses.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: