You love dragons and find yourself completely enchanted by these amazing creatures? Then you would definitely enjoy this amazing dragon simulation game from Social Point. Choose between multiple species of dragons to raise and train. Become the greatest dragon trainer in the world of Dragon City Mod Apk.

Genres Simulation Version 9.12.2 Developer Socialpoint Requires 4.1 Size 110 MB MOD Features No Updated 2020/03/09

The game lets you control an entire floating island where you’ll find yourself having access to the flying and powerful dragons. Collect the rarest species, train your dragons to your will, give them their favorite treat and turn them into the most magnificent creatures.

The game introduces gamers to the amazing dragon simulation experience where they could enjoy multiple gameplay with their beloved dragons. Here, you’ll take control of an entire floating island where your dragons live in their own habitats. Make sure you build different areas so that each dragon can find a suitable place for it.

In addition, you’ll also need to give foods and certain goods to support and raise your dragons. And you can do that by having farms and production buildings. Your dragons also need to be trained so they could challenge others in battles. So it’s also necessary that you have a training ground. Discover all kinds of simulation option as you enjoy Dragon City.

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