Dragons Rise of Berk APK MOD v.1.47.19-[APKPARK.CO].apk [77M]

Fans of the world-famous 3D cartoon series How to Train Your Dragon will certainly find themselves enjoying this interesting game from Ludia as you’ll be able to play as your favorite characters, dive into the world of dragons, build your own bases, train new dragons, and face a new threat that’s lurking over the lands.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD, Unlimited Runes MOD APK IDENTITY

Control your own Berk as you build up your own Viking settlement, hack and train dragons like a pro, explore the massive lands and seas of the Vikings. Join the group of friends in the series as they discover a nasty plot against the people of Berk and the Dragons.

However, you’ll soon find yourself encountering a group of strangers who threatened to disrupt your peaceful homeland. It’s your duty to assist the people and their Dragons to protect the settlements and defeat the invaders.

Raise your bases, construct buildings and assign workers to develop your economy and defenses. Create new breeds of Dragons, train and have them assist you in your daily tasks, from collecting resources to fending off the enemies’ attacks. It’ll take the combined strength of the Vikings and the dragons to win against these new enemies.

Find yourself getting familiar with the in-depth and massive gameplay of Dragons: Rise of Berk relatively quick thanks to the intuitive instructions and multiple tutorials. Receive guides and instructions from Hiccup, Gobber, and other beloved characters from the series. Join them as you take your first steps into the majestic world of Dragons and Vikings.