Take over your own pizzeria and experience the unique simulation gameplay where you can have the complete control over your pizzeria. With multiple available managing option, gamers will have themselves introduced to multiple aspects of restaurant managing, which involve setting and managing your business, doing the paper works, making delicious pizzas, and more.

Clickteam USA LLC
5.0 and up
125.3 MB + 181.2 MB
MOD Features
Everything is open

And along with that, you can also experience the thrilling and chilling gameplay from the famous horror game, Five Nights at Freddy’s. Enjoy the game with the infamous characters from the series and have them manage the restaurant for you.

Fix anything that’s broken in the process in a horrified fashion. Take care of the annoying paper work that introduces terrifying cases that happened in your establishments. And as you dive deeper in the game, players will have themselves introduced to more and more terrifying events. Slowly, you’ll start asking yourself whether who is the one behind this restaurant, why they hired you, and what’s happening around here.

Experience a fun and addictive tycoon with refreshing gameplay that you’ve never played before with FNaF 6: Pizzeria Simulator.