The ultimate goat simulator gameplay is back with plenty of interesting features that you can access for the first time. Explore new and interesting gameplay whenever you want while having fun with our badass goat-like creatures.

Coffee Stain Publishing
16.3 MB + 649.2 MB
MOD Features
Paid for free

Find yourself in the infinite space with plenty of interesting things to do from kicking other’s asses to knock their money off to flying around and battle the space pirates. Build your own space control with space museums, command brides, spaceships, and so on.

Follow the previous success of the insane and amazing Goat Simulator gameplay with Goat Z, Goat MMO Simulator, and the likes, gamers have had enough chances to discover the interesting world of Goat on Earth. And this time, you’ll find yourself in for a completely refreshing adventure with our super goat as he travels into space.

Prepare for your absolute wrecking and breaking experiences as you head out to your space colony, headbutting people all around you to knock some cashes and items out of them. Have fun making money and earning resources as you make uses of your earned cashes to create awesome space contraptions. Raise your entire goat army and conquer the galaxy.

Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer: