Ever dream of going back to your high school and experience your crazy youth all over again? Hang out with friends, play pranks on the teachers, participate in awesome activities, become the famous kid at school, and so on. Or you just want to go back to undo all the bad things that you’ve done? Be a better person and pick the right choices that will change your future as well as others?

4.0.3 and up
85.2 MB
MOD Features
Mega Mods

Well, then High School Story will definitely be your best chance to relive your high school life. Create your own high school characters, put them in a new environment, experience their unique high school life as you progress in the game, have fun playing as a high school student, get involved in multiple aspects of the school, and so on. Everything is available in High School Story.

Choose your preferred characters in the story. Will you be the nerdy and inventive type, the sporty and bold type, or a preppy and social one? The stories in High School Story will change drastically depending on your initial choices. In addition, the multiple dilemmas that happen throughout your journey will also change your personality and your paths.

In addition, gamers are also allowed to build and upgrade their own schools. Keep playing and unlock new buildings to make your school more interesting. Find yourself get involved in multiple activities in your high school life as you try to explore the way of living that suits you the most. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself be disappointed once you look back at things.