AlexPlay LLC
67.86 MB
MOD Features
– Much money
– Endless crystals

In Idle Mafia Tycoon, you’ll take on a role of a cunning mafia boss who always dreams of building his own empire. Make your dream come true starting with the small businesses and keep expanding them. Grow your business and let your friends and assistants collect the cash for you.

The game allows you to access all the different aspects of your mafia business, you can build up your facilities to produce more goods, hire henchmen to help to protect your business, and have assistant managing the business for you. Find out more about the amazing features in Idle Mafia Tycoon here:

The more money and power that you possess, the larger your territories can be expanded. That being said, make sure you do your best to earn as much money as possible, especially in the beginning stages of the game. You’ll need to rely a lot on your income to expand your businesses as well as your powers. Sometimes, partnering with other bosses are also a good idea since the two of you can support each other in certain cases.