It’s time to pick up your phone and dive into this amazing supermarket tycoon experience of Idle Supermarket Tycoon. Enjoy the awesome simulation experiences with Codigames as you explore the supermarket tycoon gameplay to the fullest. Play as the owner and have access to exciting gameplay inside your own supermarket.

85 MB
MOD Features
Money increase when spent!

Find yourself discovering the unique idle tapper gameplay of Idle Supermarket Tycoon as you explore the simulator title in a much more relaxed and enjoyable way. That’s said, the game allows you to keep track of your supermarket whenever you want, but doesn’t require you to be completely present in the game. Thus, enabling the casual and enjoyable gameplay that you can always have fun with.

That’s said, you’ll quickly find yourself diving into the in-depth and interesting supermarket management gameplay, which would let you take complete control of your establishment and enjoy awesome in-game experiences. Manage and improve multiple aspects of your businesses in order to deliver better services as well as to earn more money.

Expand your businesses, hire new employees, and field your establishments with many more items and products. Make uses of the available upgrades and boosters as you enjoy the supermarket tycoon gameplay to the max. Make lots of money and become absolute tycoon.