Choose, Feel and LIVE your Story in Journeys, a one-of-a-kind interactive series collection where YOU control the outcome.

Travel across beautiful and immersive worlds, filled with Romance, Mystery, Drama and Adventure

Featuring Linda Brown, the award winning romance and mystery story game.

✦ Choose your story and get hooked on our immersive interactive series. 
✦ Develop unique relationships with lovable and seductive characters.
✦ Make choices to shape YOUR story, through worlds full of romance, mystery, drama and suspense.
✦ Enjoy stunning visuals from characters to backgrounds, looking like an actual live-action series.
✦ New episodes released weekly, written by award winning TV writers!

Live your own life in your own way, do what you want as you face the consequences on your own. Experience multiple aspects of life as it is. Explore the world of choices in this latest simulation game from The Other Guys.

Journeys: Interactive Series (MOD Free Premium Choices/Gems) APK IDENTITY

  • APK Name : Journeys: Interactive Series
  • Publisher : The Other Guys
  • Genre : Simulation
  • Mod : Mod Free Premium Choices
  • Size : 92M
  • Platforms : 4.1

Get involved in multiple stories as you get to know multiple characters in different stories. Guide them through their daily dilemmas, choose the paths you wish to pursuit and experience the stories as it goes. Explore the worlds full of enchanted romances, exciting adventures, and incredible mysteries in Journey Journeys: Interactive Series.

With Journey Interactive Series, gamers will be introduced to multiple stories which takes place in varied setups and situations. Find yourself looking for romances while trying to find happiness in the daily lives. Find a way to pursue your dream while working extra time to make up for the expenses. Experience a completely refreshing and thrilling lifestyle and forget about all your difficulties.

Find yourself solving the unsolved mysteries as you find yourself lost in an ancient ruin. Or even live in a world of magic with you being a powerful wizard who possess awesome powers. Everything is possible in Journeys Interactive Series and your journeys will be unveiled as you go.

Journeys: Interactive Series PlayStore

v.1.1.22 – Download Journeys: Interactive Series Mod Apk 2020 [92M]