Are you fascinated by the prehistoric world with giant creatures of dinosaurs and a variety of majestic animals? Intrigued by the idea of returning to that time and find yourself having fun exploring the awesome in-game world? Then you can always have fun in this awesome game of Jurassic World The Game, in which, Android gamers can fully immerse themselves in the epic Jurassic simulation.

Ludia Inc.
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Discover the incredible world where these giant and amazing creatures rule the lands, the skies, and the seas. Feel free to create your own epic Jurassic World right on your mobile devices. Field the landscapes with a variety of different species, take on multiple in-game challenges, and have your giant creatures battle against nasty enemies in raw and epic brawls.

And at the same time, create your awesome Battle Arena team, which would help you battle through the epic tournaments and challenges. Compete with friends and other gamers from all over the world to get your hands on the awesome rewards. Show them who have the better team with your awesome army of dinosaurs.

In addition to collecting dinosaurs by hatching eggs and breeding different species, it’s also possible for gamers to make uses of the advanced technologies to create incredible hybrids. These are the powerful creatures with amazing powers and abilities, capable of tearing down any of your opponents. Always go for the rare and most powerful breeds as you add them up to your Jurassic park. Unlock new features as you go and have fun with many available gameplay in Jurassic World The Game.