For the dedicated FPS fans on the Android platform, you’ll finally find your favorite shooter title with this amazing game from Hothead Games. Dive into the addictive shooter experiences with Kill Shot as you immerse yourself into the epic battlefield. Pick up your favorite guns as you blow up the enemies’ heads with your precise shoots and secure the hostages or objectives.

Hothead Games
4.1 and up
63.53 MB
MOD Features
1. Infinite Ammo.
2. Maximum Stability.
3. No Recoil.
4. No Sway.

Embark on your own adventure as a special ops soldier by taking on the most dangerous and demanding missions in Kill Shot. Find yourself in the most deserted locations or intense battlefields as you try to complete your missions.

Featuring a variety of different missions and multiple weapons to help you deal with the challenges, the game is the perfect title for FPS fans who’re looking for a good shooter game on their mobile devices. Embark your journey to bring peace and order to the world as you take down terrorist, enemies’ soldiers, criminals, and more.

Enjoy a variety of different missions in Kill Shot as you pick up unique approaches to the game. From enjoying the stealth assassinations where you’ll have to work in the dark, to the head-on conflict with the enemies in which you’re free to unleash your powerful weapons.