Imagine yourself drifting on the endless ocean with little resources left to survive. What would you do and how will you do it to get out of this desperate situation? Let’s find your for real in this amazing game from FreeDTeam. Experience the Last Day on Raft as you begin your survival journey as a lost soul in this deadly water.

Varies with device
64.5 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited gold coins: You can get the game after you complete the novice tutorial!

Do what you have to do to get yourself back on your feet. Start by finding foods and supplies to sustain your depleting energy. Create useful items from random objects that you find on the ocean. Make tools so that you may have better chances of surviving the ocean. Fight against monster fishes and attackers that wouldn’t let go of your meaty flesh.

That being said, you should have plenty of things ahead to do. Start by fixing the mess that you’re calling house and start building a much better one. Along the way, you could craft some useful items to make your life more convenient.

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer: