For those of you who’re interested in pretend play games that you can enjoy by yourself or with your kids, this new game from My Home Games will certainly impress you. That being said, the new installment of the famous pretend play series – My Town will finally make it new release which will take you to the town’s hospital with tons of interactive features for you to enjoy.

My Town Games Ltd
64 MB
MOD Features
Paid for free

Find yourself becoming whoever you want and explore the in-depth gameplay of pretend play in My Town Hospital as you explore the unique and interesting experiences of being able to freely play the game however you wanted. Set up all kinds of exciting scenarios for your characters and enjoy unique interactions between each of them while exploring the hospital environments.

There will be no storyline for you to follow or explore, but there will be endless possibilities for you to set up your stories. With multiple characters of different roles inside the hospital, along with every equipment and medical devices that you could think of, My Town: Hospital offers the amazing gameplay of pretend play for you to set up various scenarios.

Here, you’ll find the game extremely suitable for kids and parents who wish to enjoy themselves in an educational and enjoyable pretend play experience. That being said, you can now have fun with the interesting in-game elements where you set up the different scenarios inside the hospital to encourage the children to interact with them. Maybe you’re helping a pregnant mother getting ready for her labor, or doing health checks on children. The list goes on. Nonetheless, the game would still interest your kids and allow them to fully immerse in the experiences.