For those of you who’re interested in the pet simulation gameplay in Dog Hotel, in which you’re allowed to fully interact with the beautiful dogs in your hotels and have fun playing with them, this new title from Tivola will allow you to enjoy a much more interesting gameplay. That’s said, you’re now able to play with lots and lots of interesting pets, not just the simple dogs and cats.

MOD Features
Unlimited Coins

Find yourself running your animal shelter where you would take care of the abandoned animals by giving them a better life at your own establishments. Feel free to interact with interesting animals, enjoy playing your exciting pet simulation gameplay, and enjoy heartwarming moments. Build your amazing bonds with the beautiful creatures and make your life a lot more enjoyable with their company.

Enjoy the heartwarming experiences as you enjoy playing and interacting with the adorable animals in your shelters. Take care of the common pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs, or get even further into pet simulation experiences with your fascinating reptiles like snakes and lizards, exploring the aquatic world with the beautiful fishes, or enjoy playing with the talkative parrots.

The game features dozens of different animals that require your care and love. And in return, gamers in Pet World will find themselves enjoying the heartwarming moments that you just can’t find on any other mobile titles. Play as the intern of a local animal shelter, in which you’ll learn the proper ways to treat and love your animals